What we do for you


Beyond offering digital agency services, we believe to be of service is of the highest calling. Our goal is to bring a spirit and attitude of service to every interaction and create for our clients an environment of trust, openness, and genuine happiness during our engagements.


Many times in large organizations the strategy for a project begins long before a digital agency is engaged. This can in turn deprive the project of the very expertise the agency is being hired to provide. We have learned, through years of experience, the remedy for this is to have our team engage directly with a projects key stakeholders and decision makers from day one and deep dive not only into the “how” of the project but into the “why” of the business goals. Many times these early discussions can save valuable time and budget in later stages of the project by allowing our team to provide insights into new approaches, user experience improvements, and more informed technology choices.

Project Management

We work with Agile methodologies to ensure our team interacts with your stakeholders throughout the project life cycle and any trajectory pivots can be anticipated quickly and incorporated with minimal disruption. We are firm believers in true project transparency in all stages of design and development. We have always found the better informed our clients are during the entire project cycle the happier everyone involved will be.


Design is one of those terms that can mean many things to many people. Here at BKJ Digital we define design in very clear and strong terms because we believe true design drives innovation and is the fundamental process for all types of development. Our designers do more than draw pretty pictures. They work hands on through the entire project life cycle and bring both design and development expertise so design decisions can bring creativity while remaining practical to implement. Our designers serve as the bridge between envisioning business goals and client needs, giving voice to the experience of the end users, and conveying scope and vision clearly to developers for implementation.


We bring expertise in many open source technologies that allow project budgets to be allocated for creating engaging user experiences instead of expensive licensing fees. This also means you own the platform we build for you and can grow and extend it as your business goals change over time.

Support and Maintenance

Like many professional services, once you find a vendor with integrity that provides excellent work you tend to want to stick with them. This has been our experience with our clients. Our working relationships can last for many years because we think about the future while developing your project. We write code that we would want to maintain and build on over time. We see maintenance as a living part of the project that should be planned and integrated from the beginning rather than as an after thought or random ticket queue for bugs. We have your back and are in this for the long term.